Cafeteria gets a Modern Makeover

Virco PlanSCAPE® brings a fresh take on cafeteria dining to Abraham Lincoln High School.

High School Cafeteria gets a Modern Makeover


The cafeteria of Abraham Lincoln High School in Denver, CO was due for an upgrade. The chairs and tables were becoming outdated and difficult to upkeep, adding extra work for the janitorial staff.  The space was also underutilized due to its condition and lack of functionality.

When the administration sought to refurbish the cafeteria, they looked to Virco PlanSCAPE to offer solutions that would not only ease the work of the janitorial staff but also offer a comfortable and appealing space that would encourage student use.


Virco PlanSCAPE answered the call with a renovation plan that breathed new life into the space. The team proposed a combination of MTS Series Mobile Stool Tables and Tilt-Top Tables – all on casters for easy re-arrangement and cleaning. Analogy Series 18" Chairs and 25" Stools offered ergonomic support at both table and bar height, and banquettes along the walls, upholstered in vibrant patterned antimicrobial fabric, upped both the comfort and visual appeal.

The cafeteria at Abraham Lincoln High School is now a bright and friendly space that encourages students to eat with friends, meet for collaboration, and get some work done, too.


Rows of tables and chairs proved a challenge for cleaning up after the lunch crowd dispersed.


Vibrant upholstered banquettes along the wall, paired with Tilt-Top Tables on casters, help ease the job of the cleaning crew. Analogy Series 18" Chairs in Horizon and Sea Mist complete the modern look. Students now dine face-to-face with bar-height Analogy Series 25” Stools and group together at MTS Mobile Eclipse Stool Tables.