Innovative Spaces for Early Learners

Renovated building in Franklin Township, Indiana forges a new path for early learners

Virco PlanSCAPE Creates Innovative Solutions for Newly Renovated Early Learning Center


The building for the old Wanamaker Elementary School had closed its doors for over seven years before Franklin Township School District decided to approve the renovation of the building. The district envisioned a brand-new early learning center that would become a focal point in the community, providing both preschool and daycare services. With a target to open within one year, the district turned to Virco PlanSCAPE® to help forge its new path for their early learners.


The Virco PlanSCAPE team met with the school administration to define their vision. They wanted a learning environment where Pre-K students could learn the skills that are important for school readiness, while also creating spaces that were safe and nurturing.

The PlanSCAPE team got to work and offered innovative solutions to help meet their needs. The ten Pre-K classrooms were designed with structured learning environments where students can learn at tables, participate in group activities and get creative at play centers. The cafeteria was designed to mimic an elementary school with rectangular and round mobile folding tables. The reception area provides a welcoming space for both parents and children with soft seating and small play areas for children.

When furniture orders were placed, the building renovation was still underway. Virco was able to build the furniture order and hold the delivery until Wanamaker was ready for the FF&E installation. As a result, the newly renovated Wanamaker Early Learning Center opened its doors on time for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.


Classrooms were designed with structured spaces for students to learn and develop skills to prepare for elementary school. 4000 Series Activity Tables with Analogy® Series Chairs allow for group learning at tables; ZUMA® Series Floor Rockers are ideal for circle time and Play Centers inspire creative play.


The cafeteria was furnished with MT Series Mobile Bench Tables and MTSO Series Mobile Oval Stool Tables with a 15” seat height, perfectly sized to create comfortable seating for these Pre-K students. Tables can also easily be folded up and rolled away for cleaning. 


Administrative Offices include sit-to-stand desks, as well as inviting spaces for staff to meet with parents.


The reception area provides a welcoming space for both parents and children with soft seating and small play areas for children.


The gymnasium was filled with tricycles and other active play items. The clinic was furnished with first-aid beds and Analogy Series Chairs.


Our goal was to design an early learning center that was engaging and functional for our youngest learners. We also needed to design common spaces like a waiting room, cafeteria, conference rooms and offices that met our needs. These goals were met and I cannot imagine pulling this off without the PlanSCAPE team.

The Virco PlanSCAPE team gave the human touch we needed to make a big job doable. The team assisted in the design of specialized spaces, selection of furniture and layouts. These things would have been incredibly time consuming and difficult to do on our own. They connected us with vendors that serve our age group with discounts we would not have achieved otherwise. 

The flexibility demonstrated by Virco was key to making this project work. We were down to the wire to open on time. Virco helped by storing furniture and holding delivery until we were ready. The installation team worked through a challenging situation, assembling and installing while working around contractors finishing renovations. They were flexible and hardworking throughout the process.

Melissa Drier, Director. Wanamaker Early Learning Center