Budget Analysis & Evaluation

A PlanSCAPE® budget analysis helps you make informed decisions.

Every school administrator appreciates the necessity of maximizing financial resources, particularly for an FF&E purchase that can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s why a PlanSCAPE® budget analysis is so valuable. By comparing the features, benefits and prices of competing products, you can target the specific combination of furniture and equipment that makes the most sense for your school.

PlanSCAPE gives you access to thousands of popular products from top manufacturers, most of which – like Virco – operate their own domestic factories for optimum lead times, quality control and color offerings. By letting you compare so many competing products, PlanSCAPE enables you to more effectively allocate your FF&E dollars.

Along with this budget analysis, PlanSCAPE’s project evaluation generates a summary of all the products you’ve targeted for purchase. The PlanSCAPE team can also provide, at your request, a reference list of competing products from other manufacturers.

"PlanSCAPE handled the challenge"

“I had a very positive experience with Virco’s PlanSCAPE team. We worked together to furnish a high school and a middle school located on the same site.”

“This was a challenging project because both schools had different furniture needs. The high school required lots of specialty items for chemistry labs, art rooms, technology settings, a wood shop, a photography classroom and other environments, while the middle school needed chairs, desks and other products for traditional classrooms and science rooms.”

“PlanSCAPE handled the challenge by identifying all the spaces in each school that required furniture and providing detailed product recommendations. Classroom, administrative and joint-use areas were all covered in a thorough, organized manner.”

Anna Klovstad, Project Manager
Tahoe-Truckee Unified School District
Truckee, California