Tour Our Plant

We invite customers to visit our facilities and see how we turn raw steel, wood, and plastic into high quality furniture. Contact your rep for more information.

Virtual Tour


One thing we've learned over the years making furniture in the U.S., when we can show people our factories, they always become customers.  We believe it is the combination of seeing with your own eyes just what goes into making our products and getting to meet and interact with our people who really care about the products they make.  While we understand not everyone can make a trip to our facilities, visit this page from time to time and you can check out videos that show off some of our manufacturing capabilities.  It's hard to do the factory justice on a web page, but here is something to put it in perspective: The largest building we have in Conway Arkansas (pictured above) encompasses over 1.2 million square feet - that's large enough to house over 20 football fields.

Slitting the Steel

We take massive spools of cold rolled steel and slit them into smaller sections and then re-roll them for further processing.

Forming Tubes

Since 1950, our mills have been turning flat steel into tubes which are the building blocks for all our chair and table frames. 

Bending the Tubes

In a highly automated process, the individual steel tubes are bent to form the chair frame.

Chrome Plating the Frame

To finish the steel frame, we chrome electroplate it, giving the chair that long lasting, scratch resistant shine.